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Once upon a time, I was the Director of Elementary Curriculum for the Boulder Valley School District in Boulder, Colorado. I was also a teacher at multiple grade levels, and an elementary principal. The following resources have been developed for teachers to make effective use of Nana’s Silly Goats and Bully Goat to the Rescue in their classrooms. If you have questions or ideas, please use the Contact Us page to communicate with me.



Nana’s Silly Goats Read-Aloud Lesson Plan for K-3 (download the lesson plan)

The above outline is just that … only an outline or a beginning place from which to provide teachers with lesson plan ideas. I have used portions of the Language Arts Standards and Grade Essential Learnings of the Boulder Valley School District (2009) to illustrate how Nana’s Silly Goats can be used to address a number of language arts standards for K-3 students who listen to or read this children’s story. Read-aloud was always an essential part of my classroom as it was a time to introduce or reinforce language arts concepts and strategies.

Bully Goat to the Rescue Shared or Guided-Reading Lesson Plans for grades 3-5 (download the lesson plans)

As a former classroom teacher, I appreciate the need to address multiple standards simultaneously. Bully Goat to the Rescue can be used for both literacy as well as health instruction for anti-bullying curriculum objectives.