Writing Children’s Books for Kids with Kids

My writing process is unique because I write books for children with children. I write the first draft of a story, but the revision and design process fully involves students who are the same age as my intended audience. I believe that the end result of my method of writing is the production of better children’s books because children rather than adults have revised and designed them. And in the process, students become involved in the real writing process, understanding the necessity of multiple revisions of both the text and illustrations. Students learn that writing is a fun, but hard process. Writing takes imagination, skill, time and persistence, the willingness to take feedback and to write the same story again and again and again.

With your students I emphasize:

    • The Writing Process for both Kids and Adults
    • Developing a draft keeping in mind the Six Traits +1 of Writing
    • Understanding changes within each trait based on the intended audience
    • Revising text based on Six Traits +1
    • Generating illustration ideas based on text
    • The revision process for illustrations
    • Generating book layout ideas
    • Understanding the book publishing process and the economics of publishing a book