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Nana's Silly Goats Book Reviews:

“Nana’s Silly Goats” gives young children a look into the world of the rural life style. It is a wonderfully illustrated introduction to the behaviors of a non- traditional animal pet. Young readers will receive a clearer understanding of the work involved in being responsible for the well being of our fellow creatures.  They will be introduced to the benefits we get from other animals with regard to what we eat and what we wear.

Connie Ferenc,
School Psychologist

“Nana’s Silly Goats” is a delightful book that will appeal to young children up to age 8 or 9. Children can easily relate to the antics of the goats. The illustrations are well done and help bring the story to life. The book will charm readers for a long time.

Theresa Streb,
Director of the Lyons Public Library,
Lyons, NY

“Nana’s Silly Goats” is a teacher’s and parent’s dream. Many life lessons can be found to expand on through the tale of the goats. The durability and quality is superb. The colorful illustrations are so vivid of the mountain environment that you want to study them over and over again. “Nana’s Silly Goats” should have appeal to all ages, but primary children will be reading it the most. It is a delightful story of the many events a goat will encounter on any given day with caretakers, siblings and predators.

Carole Namesnik,

Bully Goat to the Rescue Book Reviews


I find Bully Goat to the Rescue to be a book filled with lessons for my fifth graders. Acknowledging different personalities, ways people show their emotions, and what really is behind people's actions leads to great discussions.  Fifth graders are very astute and can have passionate discussions in a safe environment.  In addition, I would also use this book to talk about the dream of the author to write this book, and the process from start to finish, including the need for research and accuracy in the story line.


Nancy Burianek

Fifth Grade Teacher

Boulder Valley School District


I would highly recommend using Nancy Mervar's chapter book, Bully Goat to the Rescue, in a third grade classroom.  The subject matter of bullying and friendship is always relevant and the chapters are just the right length for language arts lessons. Besides the main idea of the book, one can teach glossary skills, word vocabulary, research on President Roosevelt and the 4 H organization.  A writing lesson could be added using the resources in the back of the book and more research about goats could be done online.  This is a charmingly written story to use in your classroom.


Susan Brighton

Grade 3 Retired Teacher

Boulder Valley School District

There are lots of fun and interesting events in this story.
Iliana, Grade 3

It's educational, exciting and tells you lots about goats.
Randall, Grade 3

This is a tale of redemption.
Max, Grade 5

When Bully trained to be a rescue goat, he got strong in self and didn't need to be a bully.
Johnny, Grade 4