Children's Books
Nana's Silly Goats
2012 1st Place Children's Book
Hard Cover 
Ages 3-8
Grades 2-3  Readability Level
When Nana brings home four little goats, the adventures begin! From exploring to adventure, have fun with Nana and her goat kids as they discover the dangers of not-so-nice neighbors and predators, sample peanut butter sandwiches and experiment with tractor driving. All incidents in the story are based on real experiences raising goats “with a sprinkle of imagination”. Children will relate to the activities and emotions of the goat kids.

This picture book is a wonderful read-aloud for preschool through primary grade children. Parents and teachers can introduce children to goats and ranch life, and concepts such as predator and prey. True facts about goats are also included for discussion. Readers and listeners can try to sort real from imaginary events. The text is easily adapted to readers’ theater enactment.

Readability level second to third grade. Young readers will love the opportunity to read a simple chapter book on their own. Text understanding is supported by realistic but whimsical illustrations and chapter headings.

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Bully Goat to the Rescue
2013 1st Place Children's Story Book

Soft Cover   

Ages 7-12

Grades 3-5  Readability Level

Bully Goat comes to live on a ranch in Colorado's Rocky Mountains, and soon exhibits his bullying behaviors. Gradually Bully learns to care more about his goat friends, even defending them against nasty goat visitors. While learning to become a rescue goat, Bully becomes more confident and no longer needs to bully others. He changes his name to Billy Goat after winning first place at the county 4-H fair. When called upon to rescue a young boy involved in a serious hiking accident, Billy demonstrates what a good friend and rescue goat he has become. Children will understand more about bullying behaviors, safe hiking and rescue techniques, as well as goats. Appendices about 4-H of America and President Theodore Roosevelt.

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